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Finding FIji

10 Steps To Finding True Joy

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"Embark on the Ultimate Journey to Joy: Uncover the F.I.J.I. Method to Transform Your Life! Discover how fun, inspiration, joy, and insight can revolutionize your daily experience and lead you to a life of fulfillment and genuine happiness."

If You Are Seeking To Unlock...

The Joy of Simplicity: 
Learn how simplifying your life can amplify your joy. This isn't just about decluttering your space – it's about decluttering your mind and spirit.
Insight as a Superpower:
 Unlock the power of insight to navigate life's complexities. Discover how understanding deeper aspects of your experiences can lead to profound joy and contentment.
The Transformational Power of Gratitude: 
Explore how practicing gratitude can transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones and lead to lasting fulfillment.
Then "FINDING FIJI" can become Your Compass to guide you and help Walk You Down A path of abundant JOY... 


  Create The Life You Love...

  Find Joy In The Little Things...

  Awaken Your Passion...

  Unleash Your Inner Child...

  Feel Alive Again... 

Ready for a Life-Changing Journey? 

Finding FIJI' Offers Practical Steps to Lasting Joy and Purpose!
Through personal reflections and antidote's, the author, who rediscovered herself after the devastating loss of her son, empowers you to find true joy once again. "Finding FIJI" is a roadmap to unlock abundant joy and live a life that resonates with vibrancy, purpose, and lasting fulfilment.

"Finding FIJI" is an easy read and will bring you to a state of euphoria so quickly, you'll wish you would've read it sooner.

"Finding Fiji: 10 Steps to Finding True Joy” by Chris Lowe is a heartfelt guidebook that navigates the reader through ten insightful steps towards discovering genuine happiness. Chris’s candid storytelling and practical advice make this book a compelling read for anyone seeking a path to fulfillment and joy in their lives.
"Clear The Mind And Let The Heart Speak"
Cultivate A Heart Of Gratitude...

Take a moment each day to reflect on the things You're grateful for. This helps shift your focus from restlessness to appreciation. Writing them down and looking back on them is a great reminder of where you have been and where you are going.
the Inspiration behind the book
Chris Lowe
Meet Chris Lowe, she is a mother, entrepreneur and a lifelong seeker of adventure and joy.  At 56, with 2 amazing daughter's, a son in Heaven  a cherished grandson, and dedicated partner. Chris has embarked on a journey to unveil the essence of lasting joy, in her book "Finding FIJI"  a process that has taken over a decade to publish and share with the world.  
One we believe is well worth the wait...

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